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First Place Winner in the 2009 Premier Book Awards
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First Place Winner in the 2009 National Best Books Awards


"Vinland is a book you must hold (and feel!) to appreciate.
The message of this action-packed graphic novel
is just as beautiful as its polished pages."

Carolyn Howard-Johnson, UCLA Writers Program Instructor

The new, upgraded edition of Vinland has just been released with artwork even more dazzling than before. This graphic novel about Leif Eriksson and the Vikings who reached America in the year 1000 is most unique. Vinland blends real history with the art of classic storytelling. The result is a fast-paced action/adventure with plenty of conflict, romance, and everything that makes for great visual and reading entertainment. And though it is based on events that happened a millennium ago, Vinland has important parallels and lessons for our time.

Vinland chronicles the life of Leif Eriksson from his boyhood on Greenland to the aftermath of his discovery of America. Mentored by his father Erik the Red, Leif first voyages to Iceland and Norway, where he finds romance and proves his mettle as a fighter. It's clear that Leif is a different kind of Viking with his own values, starkly different from those of the time. But as leader of the Norse community, Leif is forced by deteriorating conditions to set sail for the fabled "western lands" which could be a lifeline for his people. It is a fateful voyage, but the challenge it brings to Leif exceeds anything he imagined, leading to a prodigious battle between good and evil that is not resolved until the very end.

The enhanced edition of Vinland is a masterpiece of polished writing and brilliant artistry. 10 artists from 4 countries (USA, UK, Canada, and Ukraine) were involved in the production of Vinland. This international team of artists was led by the renowned Montana artist, Robert Rath. And considering that 10 sets of hands were involved, it's amazing how smooth and synchronous and well blended the pages are. This is artistic teamwork at its best.

To learn more about Ralph Cinque you can read the author's bio.

Vinland is essentially an adult story, but readers as young as 12 should be able to enjoy it.

Sharply defined characters, riveting tension, and poignant drama make Vinland a gripping tale. And in the character of Leif Eriksson, there is a man for the ages and a hero for everyone. If you like heroic stories, you'll love Vinland.

"Vinland is a beautiful book, and the artwork is incredible!"

Tim McHugh
Saddleback Educational Publishing

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